Monday, August 9, 2010

Goodwill Tax Free Weekend!

It has been TWO weeks since Dave and I have hit the yard sales together.  So we were excited to see what treasures we might find this weekend after our hiatus.  Well, we found absolutely NOTHING!  That's how it goes sometimes!  But the weekend was not without its thrifty scores.  

Last Friday was the start of North Carolina's tax free weekend for school supplies and clothing.  Our local Goodwill stores also participated! 

Express cotton skirt - $3.39 Goodwill

My prize of the weekend was this size 0 Express candy striped cotton skirt.  I saw this skirt last Monday and loved it instantly.  I've been on such a flouncy skirt kick this summer!  I was going to buy it Monday BUT...the store security device was somehow left attached to the skirt when it was donated.  The ladies at the Goodwill didn't have anything to remove the device.  And I really couldn't see myself walking into Express with a skirt still carrying the security tag and no receipt.  So, I figured I lost out on the cutest skirt ever...heartbreak!

Fast forward to Friday and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the exact same skirt back on the rack.  This time, no security tag!  And it was also tax free! 

My other tax free Goodwill buys from the weekend:

Old Navy light blue striped cotton dress - $4.59

A. Byer floral skirt with ribbon - $3.39

Close up of floral design

Light green pleated pencil skirt - $3.39

Close up of stitched floral pattern

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  1. MaryEllen you are looking sportin HOT in your goodwill duds!!~ Love everything, and thanks for sharing in on the party this week....enjoy a few others too. Debbie

  2. Cute things you found! I just love to shop this way too & as a result my closet needs cleaning out. Great scores!

  3. Love the skirts, im from NH so we're tax free all the time, I forget how lucky we have it!

  4. You always find the cutest clothes!!!! you go girl!!!

  5. I have never heard of a tax free day before. Another good reason to move to North Carolina. Great finds on the skirts. I like the stitching on the last one.

  6. Great finds! Thanks for visiting. Let me know if you have any pics of your saltbox. I'll be posting inside pics in the winter; right now I'm busy with outdoor stuff.
    ~ Julie

  7. I love that pencil skirt! Now if I was only anywhere near a size 0, I'd be happy woman.

  8. You always find the pretty things!


  9. Your goodwill finds are so pretty!!