Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Homekeepers Journal - August 10th

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This week’s Journal is all about struggles and what we do when we find ourselves there.

I struggle in my kitchen with ….. paper clutter!  Our kitchen seems to be the landing spot for all things paper - mail, school papers, artwork, recipes, coupons, etc.  I should take the time to sort right away, but realistically I just need a temporary holding area (other than the kitchen island) to put stuff until I can look through it later.

Struggles of any kind have a tendency to make me ……  prayerful and reflective.

I struggle more when ……. I feel like circumstances are out of my control.  Or when I feel like I'm not being everything and all things to everyone.  Understanding that there is only so much (very little) I can control and only so much I can do in my own strength, is something I still struggle with. 

When it comes to people, I struggle ….. to be open, especially when meeting new people.  I have a tendency to be guarded and reserved. 

When it comes to struggles, I believe the Lord wants me to know ….. that He is in control.


  1. Hi MaryEllen, I could have written this post. Even though I didn't share these thoughts today, I can understand them very well.

    BTW, nice to meet you.


  2. Thanks Cindy. It is nice to meet you as well!

    Mary Ellen

  3. Mary Ellen,
    I enjoyed your post...yes he is in control.