Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Garden 2011

New squares

For our anniversary last month, Dave surprised me by building two cedar squares for my Fall garden!  It made me feel good that he considered my interest in gardening worthy enough of spending household funds.  The cedar squares are a major upgrade from my homemade squares made of free bricks from Craigslist!

Daddy's little helper

Don't worry, the bit was removed and he was under Daddy's very watchful eyes :)

I had intended on getting my fall transplants in the ground a few weeks ago.  But life has been quite busy!  This past weekend, I was finally able to get my transplants in the ground.  In this square, I have red kale (it's ornamental and edible!), arugula and chard.

And in this square, red leaf lettuce, green oak leaf lettuce and mizuna.  After a losing battle with broccoli worms last year, I decided to stick with just greens this year!

Mary Ellen


  1. What a lovely present to receive from your hubby. Best of luck with your gardening efforts!

  2. I the little helper ~ sooo cute!
    What a fantastic gift ~ one that keeps giving.