Thursday, October 27, 2011

Garden Art Using Recycled Lamps

Recycled garden art by Mary Jo Stephenson

During our morning at the NC State Fair, we took in the beautiful garden exhibits.  One colorful display that caught my eye was by local artist Mary Jo Stephenson.  She used recycled lamps to create garden art.  I thought it was not only beautiful but wonderfully creative!  Old lamps and chandeliers are easily found at thrift stores and yard sales.  This would be a great way to give them new life! 

Colorful tree with hanging lamps

Teapots & lamps

This garden display had an outdoor shower.  But my eye was immediately drawn to the green vanity in the corner.  The top portion had both mirror panes and plants.  This would be a great way to incorporate a  trash to treasure dresser into an outside space! 

Mary Ellen


  1. How wonderful! I like the garden lamps!

  2. Wow, I love that. My husband would think it was weird, though.

  3. I love your pictures of this garden art. My husband thought I was weird when I said I wanted a bottle tree, until he saw one in a "high class" neighborhood. Now I have one. Men!!

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