Monday, October 24, 2011

NC State Fair 2011

For our family, October means Fall, my birthday and the NC State Fair! 

We played hooky from school and work (teacher and boss approved of course!) one day last week and spent a beautiful, crisp fall morning at the fair.  The grist mill near the entrance of the fair.  We were too early for the hot hushpuppies.

But we were able to grab cups of warm apple cider!

Along with rides and food, the fair also highlights our state's rich agricultural traditions


#88 National Guard show car

The Great Clips show car hauler - no Kasey Kahne though!

#38 Great Clips NASCAR Nationwide show car

The rides!

The carousel - always my favorite!

"Reedy, look at Mommy!"  Or not!

Riding with Daddy

Mary Ellen


  1. I onced loved going to the state fair every year. Next to the last time I went, I told everyone to remind me how bad my legs hurt the next day. Went one more time and THEN I really remembered how bad my legs hurt the next day. LOL I'm glad you are still young and taking your little ones and making those memories and willing to share with me by posting your pictures!!