Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday Morning Breakfast - Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Homemade cinnamon rolls ready for the oven

Week day mornings can be a rush with work and school.  Saturday mornings are busy with errands and cleaning.  But Sunday mornings are our time to relax!  An extra special day to get us started on the week ahead. 

Golden brown out of the oven

Sunday mornings you'll find me in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the family.  With the house quiet (except for the cats and dripping of the coffee maker) and the kids still asleep, I can take my time and make something that will "wow" them when we all gather around the table. 

Can't forget the frosting!

Yesterday, I decided to make homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Bread making is not my strong suit. So, I was pleasantly surprised by how well these rolls turned out.  Definitely felt like an accomplishment and the rolls were a hit with Dave and the kids.   

Time to eat!

The recipe for the cinnamon rolls can be found at the Love Abounds at Home blog.  The linked recipe includes a cream cheese frosting.  But I used the powdered sugar frosting recipe listed in the blog post.

Making cinnamon rolls brought to mind a mixtape (remember those from back in the day!) Dave made for me in college while we were dating.  It was a compilation of love songs he picked out which included Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl". 

"I could be happy the rest of life, with a cinnamon girl"...

Mary Ellen

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