Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thrift Store Dresser - TV Media Stand

From thrift store dresser to TV stand

This is a story of love - a thrifty kind of love between a man and his wife.  And a pretty cool robin's egg blue TV stand!  One Saturday afternoon, Dave and I were browsing a local thrift store with the kids.  We both spotted this solid, wood dresser with nice details on the drawers.  The dresser was in pretty good shape, just a few scratches and missing some drawer pulls.  It was priced at $25.  I liked it, but thought there was no way Dave would agree to paying for a dresser when we've come across so many in the past on the curbside.

A few days go by and while talking with Dave, we discover that we're both still thinking about the dresser LOL!  So the next day, while I was at work, Dave and Reedy go back to the thrift store.  The dresser is still there and Dave haggles the price down to $20.  Since Dave had Reed with him (my Momma was out of town), he couldn't take the back seats out of the van.  So he had to strap the dresser to the top of the van and drive back across town with it on the roof.   

Drawer details

I came home to find the dresser under our garage, with Dave already busy priming it!  Since it would be the focal point of the family room, I chose one of my favorite blue-gray/robin's egg blue paint colors (Valspar Atlantic Gray).  Once Dave finished painting the dresser, I added black glaze to bring out the details on the drawer fronts.

I love it!  And think fondly of my husband's sweet gesture every time I look at it :)

Mary Ellen     

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  1. That looks fabulous! Well done to hubby for getting it just that little bit cheaper!