Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet the New Girls!

The Duchess

The furry population of our household has grown!  Recently we made a visit to our county animal shelter and came away with two new additions.  It was my first time visiting an animal shelter, so I didn't quite know what to expect.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find the shelter staffed with friendly and caring volunteers, who were very much interested in finding safe and fitting homes for their animals.

Dave fell in love with the bundle of long-hair pictured above.  That's Duchess Purrtricia Meowington or "Duchy" for short :)  She's a 2 year old tortoiseshell Persian or some mix.  She's a very quiet girl.  I've only heard her meow twice since we've bought her home.  She loves to lie around in sunny or out of the way spots.  She's also very low weight.  We're not sure of the circumstances which brought her to the shelter.  But we're working to get her up to a healthy weight again.     


And this is Ashleigh's kitten, Kiss-Kiss.  Ashleigh saved up her allowance and paid for the $45 adoption and spay/neuter fee for Kiss-Kiss all by herself.  Kiss-Kiss is a grey tabby with somewhat cross-eyes.  In fact, the shelter staff named her "Googly Eyed Gloria"!  The shelter also listed her age as 8 months, but I'm thinking she's much younger.  She's a bundle of energy and enjoys jumping onto things like the older cats.  And she loves to hide.  So much so, we bought her a collar with bells so we could keep up with her whereabouts.  

This was our first experience with adopting from our local animal shelter.  And I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a new furry addition to their family.  As part of the adoption, we received a complementary vet visit, cat toys, Hill Science cat food and information on helping our cats transition to their new home.  The only sad part of the experience for me, was that I couldn't take all the kitties at the shelter home!  My eyes teared up a number of times while we were walking through the shelter.  All those sweet little faces looking at you.  But I'm confident, the staff will find good homes for all the animals!

 Mary Ellen 

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  1. That`s the way forward! Adopting and rehoming shelter animals is very rewarding. I`m sure you will have lots of fun with your new charges.