Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids - Heart Shaped Crayon Melts

Heart Shaped Crayon Melts

Valentine's Day is still a couple of weeks away.  But, I'm getting prepared early!  With Reed attending preschool two days a week, we have three classes to make Valentines for this year.  Since Reed loves to draw, I thought crayon melts would be a fun (and frugal!) gift for him to share with his friends at preschool.

To start, gather up all your crayon bits.  If your house is like mine, you will probably find plenty of them in the crayon basket and cushions of your sofa.

Remove the paper from the crayons and place the broken pieces in a baking mold or muffin tin.  You'll want about an inch high layer of crayons.

Bake the crayons at 250 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes, or until the wax is melted.  Remove from oven and allow the melted crayons to cool.  Once cooled, remove from mold.  I've made crayon melts before using a regular muffin tin.  Let me say, it was sooooo much easier removing them using a silicone mold!  I picked up my heart mold from Target for $2.50 in the Dollar Spot.

And there you have it, colorful heart shaped crayons!  I just have to make a few more batches and package them up all nice and pretty.  I'll probably include a small notebook with each crayon melt.   

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  1. What a neat idea for the little ones!

  2. What a great gift idea! The different colors infused within the heart look very attractive as well.

    1. Great Gift little one will love making these!

  3. I will not say much about your post....but darling, I am on top of the world! I finally get to bump into a blog of a workign Mum...when I checked "about you"... I was like Phew! this sounds familiar. I will not be checking on your blog often...No-I am here to stay!

  4. Thanks Mary Ellen for posting these. I was just thinking what could I do with my kids broken crayons and now I know! We miss you over at LLNOE, btw. Glad to know you guys are doing well.