Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Ideas for Kids - Book Page Paper Treat Cones

Book Page Paper Treat Cones

Ashleigh LOVES to read!  So, when I was thinking of ideas for Valentine's for her class, I knew I wanted to incorporate book pages somehow.  Then paper cones came to mind.  I had seen them used before as favors for weddings and birthday parties.  So, why not Valentine's Day!

I found several templates online for making paper cones.  But, I decided to go with something a little easier - birthday party hats!  Party hats are really just paper cones, right?  I found party hats in packs of 8 at the Dollar Tree.   


Using glue and foam paint brushes, Ashleigh and I covered the party hats in strips of book pages.  It took a bit of trial and error, but we figured out the best way to cover the hats was with long strips going from the tip down to the base. 

After the glue from the book pages dried, I hot glued ribbon around the bottom to cover up the rough edges.

We found a cute cupid graphic at the Graphics Fairy blog, which we printed, cut out and glued to the fronts of our book page cones.  We used silver glitter glue to line the edges of the cupid image.

Then the fun part, stuffing the cones with candy!

We placed the cones in heart covered treat bags from the Dollar tree and added a heart shaped tag with ribbon.  And now these special treats are all ready for Ashleigh's friends in her 3rd grade class!

That's two class Valentine's down and one more to go! 

Mary Ellen

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  1. What a neat idea! I miss those days when my kiddos were that young...

  2. Really cute and how nice to incorporate something she really likes! Great job!

  3. These are so cute! And so clever to just use party hats! Love your idea!

  4. Absolutely wonderful idea! I know the kids will love their treat bags!! Dropping by from Dear Lillie! Hope you will stop by for a visit soon!!