Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids - Valentine Box

Black & White Damask Valentine Box 
with Monogram

Last month, I posted about buying discounted wrapping paper for occasions other than Christmas (namely birthdays).  Well, my clearance wrapping paper has come in handy again!  In addition to bringing cards, Ashleigh and her classmates also need to bring a decorated box to school to hold the cards they will receive on Valentine's Day.  Using an old photo box, I wrapped the lid and box in black & white damask textured wrapping paper from the Target after Christmas clearance sale.   

To the top of the lid, I added a white paper heart doilie.  Folded strips of book pages surround the heart giving the appearance of pleated ruffles.  And to the center, an "A" monogram (from the Martha Stewart site) for Ashleigh.  If you look carefully at the wrapping paper, you'll see snowflakes along the edge of the solid black lines (it was Christmas paper after all!).  But the snowflakes look a bit like lace, adding to the overall romantic, vintage look of the box.

Dave told Ashleigh she would definitely have the most distinctive Valentine box in her class!  And it was all thanks to shopping clearance!

Mary Ellen

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