Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - January 4th

Welcome to my first Menu Plan Monday post on The Working Home Keeper blog!  I used to participate in MPM on my other blog, but stopped much to my husband's displeasure.  Turns out he enjoyed having a reminder of our weekly meal plan available to him on-line LOL!  So I'm starting up again.  I'm hoping this will keep me from slacking when it comes to menu planning.

A note about ingredients - Last year, our family made a switch to whole and nourishing foods.  Most ingredients used in the making of these recipes are organic, organically-grown and/or natural (free from HFCS or preservatives).  Locally-grown items are also noted.  For cooking, I use traditional oils - olive oil, butter and organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil.  Local honey or organic sucanat is used in place of refined sugar.

This Week's Meals:

Meal Prep:
On the weekends, I prep for the coming week's meals.  It helps with saving time in the evenings when I get in from work.  I forgot about soaking and cooking the dried Great Northern beans for the Minestrone soup.  But I did dice onions and green peppers, sliced mushrooms, made pizza dough and pizza sauce.

Soaked oatmeal (The Nourishing Gourmet)
Sprouted English muffins
Sprouted toast w/organic peanut butter
Sprouted cereal
Scrambled pastured eggs

Usually sandwiches or dinner leftovers

Dinner Out - Reed's Birthday

Crockpot Chili made with local, grass-fed & finished beef & homemade cornbread (Tammy's Recipes)

Salmon Patties with organic brown rice & steamed local broccoli

Minestrone Soup (The Prudent Homemaker)

Spanish Rice (The Prudent Homemaker)

For more meal plan ideas, please visit Laura at I'm An Organizing Junkie.

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  1. You are an awesome Mommie!

    We love to eat local, too! We especially love organic foods.

    Blessings, andrea

  2. Awww, thanks Andrea! I can't wait until April when our regular farmer's market opens for the Spring. It's been a challenge finding local, organically-grown veggies this winter.

  3. Hi Mary Ellen,
    I have a Fabulous Award for you come by and visit so you can receive it. Follow the direction and pass it on.