Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Praising the God of the Breakthrough!

Before this year began, I felt God challenging me to believe in Him for the big things.  To stop limiting Him based on my own doubts.  Not long after, I caught a program by Joel Osteen where he talked about living "breakthrough-minded".  Taking the limits off of God and believing He would show up not with a trickle or a stream, but like a flood.

I wrote a list in my journal of the big things I was going to dare myself to believe God for.  Top on the list was a job for my husband that paid well and gave him more time to be with our family.  Well today I'm praising God for the goodness He has just flooded us with!  After 6 months of being unemployed, my husband was offered (and accepted) a job with our State Controllers Office!  A Monday through Friday, 40 hour work-week, with State holidays, weekends off and great benefits.  After spending 10 years at his former job in a highly stressful environment, working 50 hour plus weeks and missing out on Saturdays with the family, this job is literally an answer to our prayers!

God is good!


  1. Praising God with you! That is so wonderful and God is so good!

  2. Amen!!! I'm so happy for y'all!!! God IS good!

  3. That is wonderful!!! God is so good!

  4. Wow!!! That is awesome!!! Isn't God awesome?I watched the same Joel Osteen sermon over here in England!
    Praise God for you!
    God has been putting that on my heart also- believing God for the bigger things. Despite obstacles.
    God healed my cold and my friends cold. I know this sounds trivial but I have always been a little skepticle about healings for myself. Last night I felt the cold coming on, I suddenly heard the Holy Spirit tell me to pray and stand on this scripture in Mark 11:23. I did. I could still feel the symptoms of the cold but I thanked God anyway. This morning - I AM COMPLETELY WELL.
    This was God just showing me the minimal He wants to do in my life. My friend woke up this morning also feeling a little ill. I told her to go pray. You see we both have been fasting to allow God to move more in our lives. So, I believe this cold was trying to discourage us from the fast.
    Before we left the house this morning she was HEALED!!

    Thank you so much fot the testimony!!!!

  5. Thank you ladies!

    Beverley - Praise God for your healing and that of your friend!

    Mary Ellen

  6. Mary Ellen, Wow!! What an awesome answered prayer! So, since you are doing whole food, got any tutorials on making bread? Yeast is soooooo not my friend! :)

  7. Traci, when it comes to breadmaking, the only tutorial I could offer would be for making brick-like bread loaves LOL! Right now, we buy sprouted bread from Trader Joe's, but I would love to learn how to make my own.

    Check out Rhonda Jean's blog Down to Earth. She has some good information on her blog about making your own bread.

    Take care,

    Mary Ellen