Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day Traditions


Was the first person to cross your threshold this morning a dark-haired man?  That is what my Momma & Deddy always insisted on when I was growing up.  I later learned it's a Scottish tradition called the "First Footer".  The funny thing is aside from our last name, we were the farthest thing from Scottish LOL!  But I imagine the sharing of cultural practices was commonplace in the South, even generations ago.  On New Year's Day we were also reminded of the words of my Grandma Ellen, "Whatever you do today, you'll do the whole year".  Implying you should make good use of your time today.

Today, I'll be cooking up some good fortune in the kitchen!  The Southern tradition of black-eye peas and greens (usually collards) as a New Year's meal.  I'm not a big fan of black-eye peas plain, so I usually cook them with other ingredients.  This year I'm making Hoppin' John with local, pastured pork sausage and using locally grown kale for the greens.

Does your family have any special New Year's Day traditions?

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