Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ashleigh's First Vintage Dress

My Momma has been doing a bit of Spring cleaning lately.  She's been going through her walk-in closet and removing any clutter and organizing the items she wants to keep.  During her excavations yesterday, she came across a couple dresses of mine from when I was a little girl.  Ashleigh quickly laid claim to a pink dress with puffed sleeves and white pinafore.  She's expressed a desire to wear more dresses (like mother, like daughter!).  So, Ashleigh's Spring dress collection will start out with an actual 1980's "vintage" dress.  Isn't it crazy the 80's are considered vintage now?  I feel so old!


Ashleigh with her kitten Kiss-Kiss

My Momma also found one of my most treasured dresses from when I was a little girl.  My Alice in Wonderland dress from Disney World!  For a time, my oldest sister lived in Florida.  On one of our visits down to see her, we went to Disney and bought this dress while there.  The pinafore has the white rabbit with his watch embroidered on the front.  I still remember getting my picture taken in this dress.  With my black, patent leather Mary Jane, block-heeled shoes and two, long side ponytails hanging down by my face.  I felt like a princess! 

Mary Ellen


  1. Your daughter looks adorable in that vintage dress.

  2. I like the story and your blog is so cute.

  3. Cute! Looks kind of Strawberry Shortcake!

  4. Your daughter is adorable, and those dresses are cute too! :)

  5. Ashleigh looks like an angel! The dress are so nice. Great find!

  6. Love the dress, she looks so cute. It is nice to see girls in dresses; I wish my daughter would but she is a strong headed 13 year old.