Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stocking Up - Vinegar

Last week, Harris Teeter had their large jugs of white distilled vinegar on sale for buy one, get one free.  I found myself very excited about this deal!  For the working home keeper and homemaker, vinegar is a very useful item to have on hand.  You can use it for making homemade vinaigrette dressings, add it to a cup of milk for a buttermilk substitute, it makes your homemade barbecue sauce tangy and is used in a lot of recipes for homemade cleaners.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one who realized this was a good deal!  When I went back to buy more jugs, the shelf was completely empty.  So, I got a rain check!

This is a tip I learned from one of my favorite blogs - A Cultivated Nest.  Add lemon (or orange) peels to a jar of white vinegar and soak for a few weeks.  Remove the peels from the jar and use the vinegar in your homemade cleaning recipes.  The vinegar will have a nice citrus smell from the soaked peels!

Mary Ellen



  1. Great deal. We use a lot of vinager in this house. I like the cleaning solution idea, gotta try that. Have a great weekends.

  2. I add some to the wash cycle, especially for my boys. What is it about teenage boys that stinks so bad? Vinegar erases sock smells, sweat, Axe body spray, and the overall funk of being a boy. Gain has NOTHING on vinegar. And it doesn't come out smelling vinegary...just clean. I use it with regular detergent and my boys clothes smell fresh every time!

  3. I`ve been using vinegar round my home for cleaning purposes now for some time. I shall try this tip with the lemon rind soaked in it. Thanks for that idea!!

  4. Have two glass jars with orange peels waiting for the right time to put into spray bottles. Oh ya, I'm loving my vinegar!! lol