Monday, March 19, 2012

PTO Day - "Paint" Time Off

Last Friday, I took some time off from work to take care of a few homecaring tasks.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids were in early from school.  It was the perfect day for an afternoon away from the office!

Having the afternoon off gave me the opportunity to do some spray painting.  I had intended to start on these projects weeks ago, but never found time on the weekends.  For my garden, I spray painted a wooden trellis in a soft french lilac color.  The trellis was a Craigslist freebie!  I think lavender and green are a beautiful color combination.  In my head, I'm envisioning pea and cucumber vines wrapping themselves around the trellis in my garden this year.

I also started priming this trash to treasure find.  It's a small stand with a cut out for storing electrical components.  Would work well as a small TV stand or writing desk.  I'm thinking about doing some sort of design on top in gray.  I have a Martha Stewart stencil I'd like to try out and this would be a good practice piece!

Since Dave's office is closer, he's usually home before me.  But Friday, I was able to treat him by having the house in order, dinner cooking and plate of warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies ready for him as he walked into the door!

Mary Ellen


  1. Mmm, the cookies look really good, they would go wonderful with the Diet Coke I am drinking at work right now.


  2. LOVE the french lilac color. That is going to look sweet in the garden this summer.

    Pierro's mum here:
    That table is adorable. I have something similar that I have had for years and came from a source not remembered. It looks like a "telephone table" remember when mom used to keep all of those phone books under the top?

    Isn't it a great feeling to get caught up in a few areas and celebrate with cookies with our true love :-)

  3. Love the trellis color! That is going to look so great in your garden. Also, love the little stand. That open shelving is a good place to stash a DVD player or something.