Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garden In Bloom

The garden is filled with blooms!

Zucchini blossoms


Grape tomatoes

Bell peppers

There are even a few little green tomatoes forming - yay!

Even though this gardening season is still young, I've been thinking ahead to next year.  I shared with Dave my idea of expanding to three squares and he agreed!  So next year, I'm planning on having two squares for vegetables and one square dedicated entirely to fresh herbs!  I can't wait!

Mary Ellen



  1. Looking good. Since you're in the south you garden is way ahead of mine in Pa. I know this is not a race. LOL

    Have you ever eaten the squash blossoms? I know that you can eat them but have never done so. Think I'll give it a try with this year's crop.

  2. Hi Cattusbabe! No, I haven't tried eating the squash blossoms. I didn't even know they were edible until I saw it mentioned on another blog last year! Maybe one day I'll give it try!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper