Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life With Boys - Planes

It's no secret that little boys love planes - and trains, and cars, and trucks!  My mother-in-law arrived over the weekend bearing gifts for the children.  For Clayton, an airplane with battery-powered launcher.  As expected when dealing with little boys, the plane has been broken several times and repaired several times (yay for hot glue guns!).  And has traveled over the fence into the neighbor's backyard numerous times.  Thank goodness they also have little boys and understand the need to retrieve various flying objects and projectiles!

But what I did not expect was for the plane to make a crash landing into Clayton's hair!  Luckily no curls were lost (read clipped) during the extraction process :)

Mary Ellen

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  1. My eldest son went through phases of liking dinosaurs, then cars and trucks, then planes, later electroniccally controlled cars and planes. Through it all I had to decorate his room in various themes, with his aroplanes hanging from the ceiling on plastic strings and dinosaur prints on curtains and furniture covers, stencilled pictures running around the walls and also making themed birthday cakes with dinosaurs on top. All good fun and part of their growing up. He`s 25 now and into extreme roller blading, often braking a few bones in the process. Where have the years gone so quickly? Youngest son, now 23 was into everything to do with LEGO, and then used to watch wrestling on TV, and loved Hulk Hogan. He now is an amateur wrestler in his spare time.
    Maybe Clayton wants to be a pilot.