Monday, May 14, 2012

All About My Mom!

Happy Monday!  I hope all you Moms had a wonderful Mother's Day!  My Mother's Day started out with plenty of gifts from the kids.  Apparently, they were very busy at school last week making lots of sweet and creative gifts for us Moms!  Ashleigh made these flowers using cupcake liners (what a cute idea!).  And on the back, she wrote all about me!

All About My Mom by Ashleigh

My mother likes and play pool.

She is...20 ft tall. {not quite!}

She hates to...go to work and clean.

Her favorite food is...cooked ostrich. {that's true!}

She gets mad when...I scare her.

She has always wanted to get an...iPhone.

My mom is special because she always...helps us, cooks dinner and cleans the house.

I get in trouble when I...mess with her stuff. {true!}

If I could give my mother something special, just from me, it would be...a hamster. {LOL!}

She weighs about...50 pounds. {at one point in my life, yes!}

My mother looks prettiest when...she wears her dresses. {aaaahhhh!}

I like being with my mom most when...we go to the farmers market.

Clayton made various floral prints, including some with his hand prints.  He also made me a small bowl using pottery clay which he was very proud of!  And I was too!

Reed's preschool teachers made bookmarks using pictures of the kids!  Very creative and oh so cute!  He also made a laminated butterfly with torn tissue paper for a stained glass effect.   

And from my sweet husband, this beautiful new ruffled apron!  In addition to the garden plants I received as an early Mother's Day gift last weekend.  And the day off from preparing meals :D  It was a wonderful Mother's Day!

Mary Ellen

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