Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring Garden - Out With the Old, In With the New

Last time we visited the garden, I was putting in my Spring transplants.  At the time, my chard and lettuce plants from last fall were still going strong.  But with our warmer than usual Spring temps, the plants finally bolted.  So, I decided to replace them with more Spring vegetable plants.  The plants are actually an early Mother's Day gift from Dave!  To the garden square, I added Yellow Crook Neck squash and Ichiban eggplant.

As well as some Thai basil

And regular Sweet basil, for some homemade pesto!

I added herbs to replace the lettuce plants which had been moved to containers.  

Rosemary & Thyme

I also have some cilantro growing in a few pots - great for homemade guacamole!

And this Sweet mint plant, I've nicknamed Lazarus!  I bought the plant last year for my container herb garden.  The hot Carolina sun completely scorched the poor thing.  I put the pot aside, planning to clean it out at some point.  But over the winter, I noticed tiny green sprigs emerging.  I put the planter underneath our covered shelter to protect it from the frost.  But other than that, I gave it no attention at all.  And now, it's completely grown back!

And here's Sheba kitty, checking everything out!  

Mary Ellen


  1. The garden is going to be great. I love those pretty Multi colored pots!!!